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Luxury Living at The Stage with Rhodium

24th January 2024
Rhodium concierge greeting a resident at The Stage, Shoreditch

Introducing Rhodium, the award-winning property management company who will deliver stand-out service for residents at The Stage! One of the most highly acclaimed lifestyle providers in London, Rhodium has built a reputation for going above and beyond for their residents. But what does it mean for day-to-day life at The Stage? We spoke with Samantha, General Manager at Rhodium to understand more.

Dedicated 24/7 service 

When you move into a luxury building with a dedicated concierge and lifestyle management company, learning about what services are available and how to get best use out of them could feel overwhelming. To help solve this, residents at The Stage benefit from an exclusive app which has all the key information they need in one place. Through the bespoke app, residents can see daily building updates, book amenity spaces, view important property documents and select from an ever-growing list of services. 

Samantha says, “Every aspect of daily life can be organised and sorted through our dedicated concierges and bespoke residents app. This covers apartment cleaning, shopping, booking taxis, dry cleaning and laundry, private dining reservations. The secret to a good concierge is having a team go above and beyond what you think of – taking care of your daily needs but also helping to make daily life more exciting!”

Joining the dots to live local 

Through the exclusive residents app, there will be access to special promotions and offers with local businesses. This could range from a free drink at regular hotspot OAT Coffee, or access to last-minute table openings at popular restaurants for a bite to eat. Rhodium can organise fresh flower deliveries from a nearby florist and help coordinate local fitness instructors for 1-2-1 sessions in the gym.

Life at The Stage will see a fun schedule of events and lifestyle activities curated by Rhodium, helping residents to build a new community. Rhodium can use their knowledge and extensive network to help residents connect with the wider Shoreditch community with a schedule that reflects what residents want. 

Bespoke events

One huge advantage to living at The Stage is access to the state-of-the-art leisure amenities. What residents might not know is that they can rent these amenity spaces for their private use. For bespoke private hire, Rhodium will coordinate pre and post event cleaning and security.

Samantha explains, “If residents want to use a space, for example the large conference room for a meeting, they can book it through the bespoke app. But we can also go beyond this and help recommending preferred suppliers for private events for special occasions. Residents could reserve the entire 32nd floor Sky Terrace and Lounge* for a birthday event – what a special place to celebrate!” 

*(subject to availability and specific T&C. Cost incurred for pre-post cleaning and security to be paid by user)

Personal service 

The key message Samantha leaves us with is the value of a personal, friendly service. “Living in a high-rise tower doesn’t mean living in isolation. We are immensely excited to get to know the new community at The Stage and find out what residents enjoy, so we can reflect this in our curated lifestyle schedule. 

Shoreditch is a vibrant, fun area to live in and we know residents will want to embrace their new local hotspots, we can help join the dots for living local. Our in-house team is personable, friendly and highly valued and we can’t wait to welcome our new residents home.”