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Ronning photographed at The Stage

26th February 2024
The Stage resident in his kitchen wearing Ronning

Shoreditch is known for its vibrant community, uber cool brands and strong sense of identity. But what is it that makes a Shoreditch resident standout from the crowd? 

We spoke with Magnus Ronning, founder of eponymous label Ronning, on Shoreditch and finding your everyday uniform.

How did your brand Ronning grow?

I’ve always worked around Shoreditch, after moving from Denmark to London 7 years ago.

The brand started in 2017 on social media and YouTube, initially reviewing Men’s fashion before growing into our own clothing label. Our clothing is military-inspired and can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going.

We’re a small team of four and we’re strictly online, this enables us to deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices without paying for a physical space. Our clothes are manufactured in factories in Portugal and the UK and then brought to life on the streets of London!”

What does Shoreditch mean to you?

I’ve always loved Shoreditch and its atmosphere. 

I think of BOXPARK, Brick Lane’s vintage stores and the amazing new brands being born every day. There’s a great range of food so you can always try new authentic tastes. The location also means there is a fantastic blend of cultures and ideas, so it is impossible to define a Shoreditch resident or fit them in a box. 

You can go shopping, try different cuisines, get coffee from an independent trader all within easy walking distance and there is constant exposure to new ideas and different lifestyles.


Model dresssed in Ronning at The Stage Co-Working Suite


Who wears Ronning?

Our average customer is aged between 23 and 35, and they’re often interested in fashion and art.

Our customer appreciates thinking outside the box with their fashion choices but not standing out in the wrong way. We also find our ethos of everyday uniform translates because our customer knows what looks good on them and how they want to style it. Someone who likes their routine and their community.

Our everyday fatigue pant is our cult item and is inspired by old military pants, it has a relaxed, durable fit. It’s a great example of how our clothes can be dressed up or down to suit your needs. One pair of trousers could work with endless outfits for whatever your day brings!

What is the Everyday Uniform ethos?

We want our clothes to be timeless, rather than based on a trend or season. 

These clothes should be wardrobe staples you can wear day in, day out and by focusing on high quality they should last for years. The prevalence of fast fashion has negatively impacted our relationship with clothes and how your wardrobe should work for you. 

Our clothes are designed to go from a meeting to the office, to the pub with your friends.


Model dressed in Ronning at The Stage


How does being solely online work for your brand?

Many of our customers come directly from social media and so online marketing works very well. 

We run all our social platforms in house and plan all our content photoshoots and campaigns thinking only for our digital customer. 

With such a great vibe in Shoreditch it’s important to be connected to it digitally.