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Quiet Luxury for Today’s Buyer with Gabrielle Blackman

1st March 2024
Guest Post
Gabrielle Blackman at The Stage Apartments in Shoreditch

Guest Author

Gabrielle Blackman

Bafta award-winning interior designer and TV Presenter Gabrielle Blackman and her team at Gabrielle Blackman Studio have worked closely with Galliard Homes to create a stunning new one-bedroom show apartment. Here, she looks at the concept of ‘Quiet Luxury’ and what it means for today’s home buyer.

Quiet Luxury is the phrase of the moment, whether it is for fashion or interiors. With interior design often influenced by wider trends, it can be easy to disregard this as a passing fad. But today’s buyer has discerning taste, and authentic Quiet Luxury is exactly what they are seeking. It is also very achievable for your home when you know what to look for.

As we live in a society where lives are getting busier, people do not have time to redesign the interiors of their homes every few years as design trends shift. This is why it is important to invest in timeless, well-made quality pieces that age gracefully, enduring for 15 years or more. The show apartment at The Stage that I have curated is testament to this philosophy, showcasing a look which exudes luxury but without being too overstated.

The essence of Quiet Luxury lies in the careful curation of materials, each piece telling a story of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. From the dark oak dining table and the bespoke wool boucle sofa to the wool herringbone headboard in the bedroom and soft furnishings made of velvet and linen, each piece is made of natural materials that will last. As a passionate advocate for British craftsmanship, I prioritise sourcing from quality local suppliers where appropriate. 


Gabrielle Blackman at The Stage


The concept of timeless design transcends aesthetics—it's a commitment to design that stands resilient against time and fleeting trends. However, quality need not be synonymous with huge price tags; it’s about recognising the intrinsic value of good craftsmanship. Consider the allure of second-hand pieces, carefully sourced from reputable suppliers or repurposed treasures discovered in antique shops or online retailers such as eBay. Not only do these additions offer a sustainable touch, but they also infuse character and history into your living space.

One standout piece in the show apartment is the beautiful dark wood dining table, which serves as more than just an exquisite centrepiece—it transforms seamlessly into a sophisticated home office desk, catering to the needs of the contemporary home worker. This duality is not just about functionality; it's a nod to the versatility inherent in quality craftsmanship and is more than just a piece of furniture, but rather an investment in the future, a piece you can take from home to home.

Another way to create timelessness in your home is to utilise a neutral colour palette. Creams, soft beiges, and classic greys serve as the foundation, offering a versatile backdrop that seamlessly accommodates evolving styles and splashes of colour. The show apartment exemplifies this approach, leveraging neutral base tones to enhance the natural materials and furnishings in rich colours such as navy blue and burnt orange. 


Gabrielle Blackman at The Stage


Quiet Luxury, as I see it, is a symphony of timeless sophistication that leaves a lasting impact. Designed with the busy buyer in mind who seeks a home that withstands the test of time, the show apartment epitomises the understated luxury I champion—a sanctuary where every element resonates with quality, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to enduring beauty.

About the author

Gabrielle Blackman is one of the UK's leading Interior Designers based in London. Working on beautiful homes both nationally and internationally. She has over 20 years’ experience at the top end of the industry starting her career in the luxury yacht design sector.