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Plug and Play with Hyperoptic at The Stage

1st November 2023
Man using high speed internet at The Stage Apartments in Shoreditch

Connectivity is more important than ever for our homes, with everyone needing access to high-speed, reliable broadband services. Whether it’s for flexible working, home movie nights or connecting a host of smart devices, it is now a priority when people move into a new home. 

Here’s how The Stage is helping to provide this and keep the process effortless for residents.

Galliard is working in partnership with Hyperoptic, the largest alternative network provider and Uswitch’s Broadband Provider of the Year 2023. Hyperoptic specialises in supplying newbuild properties across the country with hyperfast speed. We spoke with Galliard’s Infrastructure and Technology team, to find out how this partnership works for people moving into new homes at The Stage. 

Technology First Approach

More than just desirable looking homes, people want homes that are well suited to their everyday needs and modern lifestyle. Developers can embrace technology during the construction phase, so the finished product is suited to residents’ individual requirements for their home. At The Stage, Hyperoptic’s cabling and router were pre-installed during the construction phase meaning that if a resident chooses their services, it couldn’t be simpler to get going. 

The modern, full fibre cabling is far superior to the traditional copper approach and gives speeds up to 1Gb today along with a reliable and stable connection. Beyond this, the apartments are future-proofed, as the Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) approach means speeds can be increased over time without the need to dig up roads and footpaths. 

Plug and Play simple start up 

Each apartment at The Stage is installed with a broadband router, meaning set-up can be done within 15 minutes. Residents simply choose the package they want, call or order online with Hyperoptic and then they can connect in minutes. There’s also a helpful leaflet explaining what’s on offer in residents’ welcome packs, and residents can contact Hyperoptic’s customer services team 24/7 if they have any issues. Where traditional set-ups can be time consuming with a wait to get a router delivered, this removes the hassle with the technology already in place.

A key part of this partnership is that the connectivity is already there for residents who want to quickly get connected to Hyperoptic – but it isn’t mandatory, and any available provider can be selected using a traditional set-up.

Modern requirements

One of the challenges of modern living can be the increasing number of devices now connected to a home broadband network - along with the dreaded ‘broadband black spots’ that can happen in some corners of a home. For residents who choose Hyperoptic, there is the option of WIFI mesh technology – ‘Total WiFi’ – which eliminates black spots and helps maximise the speeds available across the whole property. 

Another huge benefit is that fast speeds aren’t limited to downloads, like with cable providers. Hyperoptic offers symmetrical download and upload speeds, which can make a tangible difference to home working, gaming, and video calls. Waiting for large files to upload, can be a thing of the past – and any gamers in the family will never be able to blame their broadband! 

Competitive perks

The partnership also means residents can benefit from competitive deals and discounts on the services available. If residents at The Stage choose Hyperoptic, they can get the first three months free (12-month contract) with competitive pricing on all packages. 

So far in 2023, Hyperoptic has helped connect over 24,000 houses nationwide and has a trusted reputation for their services. The Stage is the largest scale development that Hyperoptic has partnered on, so it’s a great example for the industry on how to help meet modern requirements in an effortless way for all residents.

Galliard’s Infrastructure and Connectivity team explains, “The connected home is rapidly rising up homebuyers' list of priorities. Schools and transport links will invariably be at the top; a developer usually cannot influence either. However, we can control the level of connectivity in the home, and Galliard is leading the way. It will be interesting to see how the industry reacts.”