3% Stamp Duty allowance


Buy-to-Let investors can benefit from Galliard’s 3% Stamp Duty allowance, covering the Stamp Duty surcharge payable on second homes.

How it works

  • If purchasing the property as a second home HMRC will add a 3% Stamp Duty surcharge
  • The surcharge will apply even if the home you already own is overseas
  • The 3% will apply to the entire purchase price so if you are buying a property for £1m the surcharge will be £30,000
  • Galliard will offer a Stamp Duty allowance which will be deducted from final the completion price

Terms and conditions apply. This offer may be applied with one additional incentive but not in conjunction with the 6 years income guarantee. For further information please contact our sales team: 020 3621 0525.

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