30th May, 2017

Silicon Roundabout V. Silicon Valley

Photo Credit: Google Headquarters taken from Stub Group

The Silicon Roundabout is Expected to Soon be on the Same Playing Field as Silicon Valley

Old Street Roundabout, a part of Shoreditch, has recently adopted a new name: Silicon Roundabout. This is in accord to the reputation the area has received as home to numerous British web-based companies. London has developed this area into the third largest start up cluster in the world behind San Francisco and New York City. With the percent of the UK’s economy accounted for by technology predicted to increase dramatically, the Silicon Roundabout (also labelled “Tech City”) is expected to continue to grow and develop new technology that will give well known tech area giants like Silicon Valley a run for their money.

San Francisco’s Silicon Valley has long been at the Forefront of the Tech Industry

Since the better part of the 1970s, the southern part of the San Francisco Bay has assumed the nickname of the Silicon Valley. The term “silicon” was originally coined from the extensive amount of silicon chips used in innovators and manufactures for the computers in the San Francisco area and eventually stuck even after the chips were not used nearly as much. Subsequently today, with Old Street Roundabout’s overwhelming connection to the tech industry, silicon was also coined.

Silicon Valley has transformed over the past few decades to the playground for where super tech giants including Apple and Google (both American multinational technology companies) have grown and expanded the technology industry.

Industrial Sectors of London Make Room for Tech City

Silicon Roundabout in East London, has the same opportunity to develop and thrive with success right here in London, and even give Silicon Valley a run for its money. The office market here in Silicon Roundabout comprises more than 16 clients who have amassed over £250M in funding.

Originally named and nurtured to add diversity to the industrial sectors of London, the Silicon Roundabout has far surpassed its expectations and contributed to the Tech City innovation, being the hub for many promising and lucrative start-ups. 

Tech Investments Predict to Bring in Boosting Value to East London Property

As Silicon Valley leads the way in technological developments and investments in its respective continent of North America, Silicon Roundabout leads the way in Europe (since 2011) in technological investments, amassing £28B (£17B) more than any other European country.

What does this mean for Property in London, and more specifically East London? With technological investments at an all-time high, tech companies like those in Silicon Roundabout will thrive and expand. Ever growing-fruitful enterprises will attract to those looking to further invest in not only businesses within the area, but also in house property. The London Borough of Hackney, Shoreditch is able to benefit from this expansion of the city lifestyle and all it entails outwards towards the east, taking advantage of the increase in property value with intriguing opportunities for homeownership and investments.

The Brightest and Sharpest Minds are Here in our Capital

San Francisco’s Silicon Valley has lead the way in technological advances for close to 50 years but it might be getting a run for its money. While the San Francisco’s Silicon Valley specialises in just technology, London offers Silicon Roundabout a multitude of tools for its development. The world leader in finance, media, marketing, fashion, design and property, London is able to assemble a unique vision bigger than anything the Silicon Valley might be able to manufacture. Combining industries that England’s capital has dominated for decades now with the now thriving technological industries, there is no better place to launch and invest in a company.

With the Opportunities Endless in London, Most Notably Shoreditch’s Silicon Roundabout - Innovation, Vision and Collaboration are Only a Step Away

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