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As the historic centre of the English language and birthplace of cultural, legal and business practices adopted internationally, London has rightly earned its status as one of the world’s four Super Cities.

London is the world’s leading financial centre for international business and commerce. With around 40% of the world’s foreign equities trading here and its central time zone location between US and Asian markets, the capital is unquestionably a global leader. Home to five major business districts – including the City and Canary Wharf, and with a population set to grow by 37% by the end of 2050, London remains a worldwide powerhouse.

Educational Institutions

London is home to one of the largest concentrations of established universities and higher educational institutions amassed anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s a specialist institution such as Imperial College London or a multidisciplinary institution like University College London (UCL), national and international students alike are guaranteed an unbeatable education. As the world’s financial capital, it is no surprise that London’s business schools consistently rank highly. From the London Business School in Regent’s Park, to Cass Business School in the City, undergraduates and postgraduates can learn with the best, benefitting from the schools’ connections with numerous global companies based in London.

London Metropolitan University

Closest tube station
2 minutes

Cass Business School

Closest tube station
2 minutes

Queen Mary University

Closest tube station
Mile End
4 minutes

University of East London

Closest tube station
7 minutes

University College London

Closest tube station
Euston Square
11 minutes

City University

Closest tube station
12 minutes

Imperial College London

Closest tube station
South Kensington
30 minutes

London Business School

Closest tube station
Regent’s Park
33 minutes

University of Greenwich

Closest tube station
Greenwich DLR
46 minutes

A rich culture

Boasting one of the greatest cultural scenes in the world, London is an extraordinary medley of cutting-edge art, fabled historic sites and a diverse nightlife.

The capital offers inspiration and encourages creativity at every turn; with over 800 art galleries, around 170 museums and more than 17,000 music performances a year, it is no surprise that 84% of Londoner’s believe that the city’s cultural scene is vital in ensuring a high quality of life. From UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Tower of London, to the South Bank’s Tate Modern, and from West End musicals to pop-up festivals in the East End, London is in a league of its own.

Overseas Investments

As an international business city and a vital force in Europe, London’s economic success has been built on worldwide trade, today this is primarily through its service offerings.

With steady residential development and a competitive market, the diversity of the UK economy offers many opportunities. From expanding companies such as Amazon, to an impressive travel infrastructure, London offers a strong, long-term rental catchment.